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Team membership

Improving sales performance is a team effort and so is learning! That’s why we work with team memberships. Every member is enrolled by the CEO into one of the programs specific to a role. The different programs available are Business Development Manager (BDM), Account Manager (AM), Customer Success Manager (CSM), Pre Sales Consultant (PSC) and Sales Manager (SM).

Bottom line: we offer specific learning journeys for the usual suspects: hunters, farmers, pre-sales and front-line sales managers.

Hunters: Business Development Managers

The typical hunter role in SAAS is called Sales Development Representative (SDR) who eventually steps up into an Account Executive (AE) role. Both of these roles are hunters.

We teach hunting in our BDM program. This is because IT resellers are not SAAS companies but established IT specialists with a local track record. To be able to transform the business while keeping up with current demand we prefer the role definitions as stated above.

Account Managers

The typical account managers role is focused on current customers. Making sure new / strategic projects are sold within a well known set of customer organisations. Moving to (cloud) services this role needs to adapt to new type of buyer personas, increase creativity and collaboration internally as well as externally. All while understanding business value over product features. Trusted advisorship is the name of the new game. 

Customer Success Manager

This role has been developed driven by the consumption economy. After the initial sale of a monthly contract many IT suppliers have found themselves losing customers.  The ongoing business value delivery was lacking attention. Customer Success was born to take responsibility for this. 

Pre-Sales Consultant

The subject matter expert in every sale is very important. This role by nature has a lot of trustworthiness. In selling services the responsibilities of the traditional pre-sales consultant evolve too. Think about the changing buying committee / decision making unit. The communicative skills need to match up with the line of business, other than IT related functions. Plus pre-sales has to stay aligned with the customer after the initial closed / won contract. 

Sales Manager

Keeping up with all the changes moving from boxes to services, recruiting new talent and being the go-to person for the sales team members: the responsibilities of a front line sales manager are vast. Our Sales Managers program facilitates those who want to grow in their role.