How to sell high margin IT services? Many IT Resellers in Europe get certified on cloud related technologies like Microsoft Azure to ensure quality of technological knowledge & skills. But it takes more to become a successful IT services provider.

End-customers / B2B buyers expect value added resellers (VAR’s) and managed service providers (MSP’s) to be objective, critical trusted advisors on IT infrastructure and services. 

The problem is: sales trainings provided by vendors will always be biased and therefore serving the interest of the vendor itself the most. 

What if resellers could increase sales performance by becoming more independent, reliable and trustworthy as true business partners for their end-customers?  

Independent high margin services

Technology like microsoft azure provide an infinite amount of opportunities for resellers to become future proof.  By creating industry specific services partners of big tech vendors can increase their profitability and overall value to their customer base.

Launching new proactive services requires a deep understanding of the current business model of the resellers organisation. It includes current talent and available competences plus systems & processes supporting the model. 

Why are services so hard to sell?

This question is legit. Sales teams responsible to sell projects need a different skill set. Why? Because at the very root of the sale is a difference in responsibility between projects and services. 

It comes down to the question: who owns the technology after the deal is sealed? Learn more about our services sales model here.

Apart from the ownership issue sales team members need to facilitate strategic conversations with end customers. Managing a complex team of influencers, users, buyers, initiators and decision makers all working in different parts of the customer business.

The ability of sales teams to oversee this business context is crucial selling services. As services are a way of out-tasking or outsourcing parts of an end-customer business. Resulting in increased reliability on that supplier, from a customer point of view.

To put it simple: IT resellers who are successful selling high margin services contracts are proactive trustworthy groups of professionals adding business value on a daily basis to end customers.

Our community is here to facilitate that journey for the channel.